Justice For Drug Offenses Or Just Ice Cold?

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Justice for Drug Offenses or Just-ice Cold?

Deon had been one of the hundreds of thousands of people arrested for a drug law offense. He received a short jail sentence for buying heroin, and was back to feeding his heroin addiction on the streets. Once he was caught a second time, a drug treatment program was put in place; yet, Deon didn’t want to end his addiction there. After overdosing, a social worker at his hospital helped him on his journey to recovery with meetings and classes. Deon had met his grandson and realized he can make it without drugs, all he needed was time to be aware of life without drugs; prison wasn’t going to do that for him.

As a group, we recognize many issues involving illegal drug abuse. However; all
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Surprisingly, it’s a longer sentence than rapists. Considering the article, Why Do Drug Dealers Serve Longer Sentences Than Rapists? it states, “In 2009 the rape abuse and incest national network reported that out of every 100 rapists, two will spend a single day in prison. Contrastingly, the United States Bureau of Justice statistics found that as of September 2014, 50% of sentenced inmates in federal prisons were serving time for drug offenses.” (Underwood par 1). Ponder this, you are married and have children of your own. Regardless of gender, your child gets raped. Usually, rape cases are denied due to a lack of evidence. We know this firsthand because one member of our group had been raped. The incidence was already scary enough, but taking it to court was only adding to the fear. The case was let alone denied after a lack of evidence when there was photo evidence of body marks and bodily fluids included, even blood. How is that not enough evidence? After the rapist was clearly acknowledged of their accusation, what would happen if they retaliated? Depression, anxiety, and PTSD manifested in the victim and hope was lost. Their life was harmed physically and mentally, and not a single day in jail was spent for the rapist. This isn’t an article on rape, but think about it: would you incarcerate someone for getting caught with possession of marijuana longer than a rapist? It just doesn’t seem to add up. It is not a fair judgement.
When you look at

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