Justification And Justification For Truth

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What is the problem of the criterion? The problem of the criterion is that any claim to truth must be justified in order to be shown a claim to truth. This justification, however, requires an argument which needs to be justified it as a legitimate way to show the original claim to truth. The problem of the criteria can be quite disturbing, because the validation that was provided then have to be justified. Meanwhile, if there is no proof to know that the justification that was given is true; then the justification is not true. Also, if that justification would not be true then the original claim would be false though you have to justify that justification. For example, it would be like if you have a building and your foundation is cricked…show more content…
Since the problem of the criterion remains infinite, it is impossible to establish a concrete solution. Furthermore, the problem of the criterion as previously stated, is known to be essentially any claim made that is the truth, then you have to provide justification. Meanwhile, the justification you have provided then have to be justify. Montaigne then questioned the infinite process of the problem of the criterion. He goes on to say, “Will it be the case that certain chosen appearances govern the others? That choice would have to be verified by another choice, the second by a third, and so this will never be accomplished” (Montaigne, 161). Montaigne emphasized on the fact that if you make a claim of the truth; a justification needs to be provided, which then need to be justified. The same process will be repeated, every time someone makes a claim about the truth. The main reason why the problem of the criterion is most likely to be described as an infinite regress is because of the fact that any claim of truth need a justification. Also it must be justified itself. If there is no grounding, or ultimate justification, for the content of our norms and customs, the result is that they are completely arbitrary. Despite the arbitrariness of the society 's norms, the Pyrrhonian still follows them. Why is this so? The main reason is that as long as an effort is made to justify the claims to truth, success cannot be achieved. Montaigne said, “I always
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