Justification by Faith

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JUNE 2012 Introduction
Dating to the writing of the book of Romans there has been a basic misunderstanding as to what Paul meant by justification by faith. The Jewish culture had been educated in the law and yet the Gentile culture was being instructed that the law was death. The Jewish community was confused and aghast that God would justify sinners. Nonetheless that is exactly what Paul said God would do and he would do it based on the simple faith of the believer.
Our early church fathers also struggled. Martin Luther and other reformers emphasized justification over salvation by works. In response the Catholic Church
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Other Words to Define Sometimes when we hear the word justification we find it accompanied by other “ation” words: sanctification, glorification, propitiation, regeneration and imputation. These words are from time to time used interchangeably. This can be confusing and needs to be clarified before continuing. Imputation is where credit has been given. It can also mean to lay responsibility on someone. With God, imputation is where He accounts righteousness to the believer. Sanctification is separate from justification. Justification is about one’s position with God; sanctification is about one’s spiritual condition. Propitiation is defined in “Reformation tradition as the satisfaction of divine wrath upon sin”. Regeneration is the creation of a new heart and new spirit. This change of heart and spirit is what allows us to live righteous lives. Glorification comes once we receive our heavenly reward. It is the completion of our salvation. Righteousness is another word that may be misunderstood. It involves our dealings and relations with others. When we behave in a righteous way, it is because we are consistent in every given circumstance in regards to others. God is our example of righteousness. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Even the devil cannot call into question that God is righteous in all his dealings.

Wrath of God God’s righteousness can also be seen in his wrath. We first see the wrath of God in the Old Testament.

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