Justification Of The Chosen Strategy

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4. Justification of the chosen strategy
The main reason we choose it is Dubai is because it’s a international town in the world, just same like New York, London, Tokyo and Hang Kong. Also, because of its fast globalization, great population and remarkable geographic location bring the different kinds of cultures to Dubai, such as different tourist, currency and languages. The national and official language of Dubai is Arabic and second languages is English. So, there is no languages obstruction here. We could use English to communicate with government and public and if we hire employee locally, they would be familiar with English, Arabic and other language so they can take care of different kinds of customs well.
Due to American is the biggest immigrated countries, there are so many different kinds people and culture and most citizens might get used to it. So, multi-culture is not a problem for American company. “Also government welcomes out companies and business to invest in Dubai market and motivate the business development there. For public, they are more willing to embrace and accept globalization and other cultures. “(Yin, 2013)
As so many floating population, there must be a huge food demand and it’s various flavor. They have a beautiful GDP in Dubai and most tourist can pay well money on high quality and tasty food. Good life people concern their healthy often, especially the safety of food. So, we have to manage quality well as a strict standard. To ensure the…
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