Justification for Assassinating Hitler at the Beginning of World War II

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I do believe that the assassination of Hitler would have been justified at the start of World War 2 based upon the facts and what constitutes for a legal assassination under the International Law. I feel personally that it should have been executed under the just war theory and based upon morally correct assumptions that an assassination of Hitler would have prevented the deaths innocent Jews. But, legally at that time and place, under the rules of International Law, I believe it would have been allowed and was attempted unsuccessfully, based upon the fact Hitler killed himself before he could be found and assassinated. Not knowing the exact details and with further digging into the facts, I found Hitler was the ultimate person calling the shots. Under the presumptions, the leader has to have ultimate control over the military. Whether other governments knew at the time all of the facts or not, we know now so, I feel comfortable stating my opinion. After much research, because I never had to study Hitler, I had to ask myself several questions before coming to an opinion, not just based on my moral beliefs but, technical ones. For instance, at the beginning of the war did we know of the concentration camps, did we know exactly how many Jews were being killed, was there anyone else standing behind Hitler or was he acting alone? The facts of what we know now regarding what happened before and after the war, is enough to justify an assassination of Hitler. The

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