Juvenile Courts Essay

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There is ongoing debate as to what should be done with juvenile courts. Should juvenile courts be abolished or just reformed? There are a number of reasons offered for each viewpoint, and the ultimate goal is trying to figure out which option would be most beneficial for juveniles. Juvenile delinquency is a continuous problem in the United States. It is also considered an issue that all of society needs to take part in trying to solve or at least diminish. Despite the number of social controls that can aid in dealing with delinquency much of the burden is placed on the juvenile justice system. It is well understood that the juvenile courts have a lot of imperfections. These imperfections are what caused the calls for reform or …show more content…
This shift has caused more focus on an individual as a criminal rather than the innocence of a child. It also caused movement away from rehabilitation, which was meant as a way to prevent future criminality. More emphasis has been placed on strict social control and incarceration (Hickey, 2010). In a sense reforming back to the original objectives of juvenile courts is seen as one of the better methods to try and achieve. As of now the juvenile court system is suffering from a boomerang effect in which the same juveniles are continuously reoffending. The point of rehabilitating juveniles when they are in adolescence is to try to prevent adult criminal behavior. Juvenile courts have failed to substantially make an impact on juvenile delinquency as they are now and reforms may not be enough to make a significant impact. Ultimately, a bigger change may be required.
In addition to the rehabilitative aspect is the social welfare aspect. The juvenile courts lack the means to provide social welfare for children. This issue was created because of state agencies having the “control over the institutions and programs to which judges send delinquents,” rather than juvenile courts having the control (Hickey, 2010, p. 148). The lack of resources
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