Juvenile Crime Statistics

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JUVENILE CRIME STATISTICS PAPER Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper CJA/374 September 19, 2012 The information in this article gives statistics of juvenile crime in America ranging from the late 1980’s to 2008. Its purpose is to take the information provided in these studies over the past 20 years or so to guide efforts and address the disparities among the youth to combat and prevent juvenile delinquency to better the lives of our children and for the future of our nation. The overall rate for juvenile arrests has gone down substantially in the two years of 2006-2008 following its recent high peak back in 2004. For violent crimes the FBI uses and assesses trends in four categories that law enforcement…show more content…
juvenile population ages 10-17 were 78% white, 16% black, 5% Asian/Pacific Islander, and 1% American Indian. While the whites greatly outnumbered all other Minorities Black juveniles made up the majority of arrests for violent crimes in 2008. Black being at 52% while whites were at 47%. For property crimes, whites made up the majority there with 65% while the blacks made up 33%. It appeared that black youths committed more of the violent crimes, in the crime index rate for 2008 arrest per 100,000 juveniles in the racial group. Black youths made up of (926) crimes 5 times that of whites with (178). The only explanation I could think of for such large differences in the number of arrests and crimes committed is the economic differences between the whites and blacks. Blacks are typically raised in poor ghetto areas while whites are not, causing different life styles and living conditions. With the assessment of tracking juvenile arrests, you see the trends in crime and how often that specific crime is committed. You can get a better understanding of what provisions and interventions have worked and what have not, so that in the future there can be more programs that can specifically target a certain crime and have more success and less repeat of the past. Reference Charles Puzzanchera (2009) National Criminal Justice Reference Service article “Juvenile Arrests 2008,” Retrieved from

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