Juvenile Delinquency Is An Example Of Deviant Behavior

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Social deviance is known as any behaviors that formally or informally go against the social norms of a society. Most of the time Juvenile behaviors are recognized as deviant because the general population does not accept it. Juvenile delinquency is an example of deviant behavior. The reason being is because people in society does not accept or thinks that their behaviors are not normal. Social conditions in the United States such immigration and dramatic increase in urbanization is the direct result of hundred juveniles being involved in criminal activities. In recent years, the United States has suffered through a seemingly unprecedented epidemic of crime and violence by adolescents and children. Society has categorized juveniles as a deviant group because of their abnormal behaviors. Many people argue that the reason why juveniles become deviant is based on their lack of education and the lack of family bond in the home setting. According to Miller, juveniles tend to have more negative views of law enforcement and people in society than adults, because they have gained that bad reputation by entering into gangs, drug dealing and committing serious crimes. It has always been exceptionally difficult dealing with youthful offenders. We, as a society assume adults have a fully developed and rational mind when considering whether or not to commit a crime. Then, they are ultimately faced with a choice- to commit the crime or not. But, can the same assumption be
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