Juvenile Delinquents Tried As Adults

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Juveniles tried as Adults In the 1700s laws didn’t discriminate on kids and adults in the criminal justice system.Therefore,children as young as the age of 8 years old were tried in adult criminal courts. Most of the time children or teens are tried in adult court is if charges involve a serious or violent offense,such as rape or murder.Furthermore,In some states there is and automatic transfer law that requires juvenile cases to be transferred to adult criminal court if the offender is a certain age or older (usually 16) . Juvenile delinquency is caused by numerous factors , In order for the issue of juvenile delinquency to be addressed, it is essential to have prevention and diagnostic approaches . The problems of juvenile delinquents are much related to social problems. To survive in life, you almost have to become delinquent. These children are exposed to criminal elements and are vulnerable to prostitution, drug addiction pushing and most street children have become juvenile delinquents either out of necessity because they are poor or through the force of others. Youths in adult prisons are often directly impacted by the violence around them. Compared to youth in juvenile detention facilities, those in adult prisons are nearly twice as likely to be attacked by other prisoners or by staff. They are also five times more likely to be sexually assaulted than those in detention facilities—not only by other prisoners, but by officers as well. Many of these

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