Juvenile Deliquency in Ibadan, Nigeria

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1.1 INTRODUCTION In the 1990s, juvenile delinquency has become a major global problem. The rising incidence of juvenile delinquency in many countries may be caused by certain socio-economic problems often associated with development. These includes; poverty, rapid population growth, unemployment, urbanization, industrialization, inadequate shelter and housing, youth unemployment, and under employment, breakdown of the family unit, inadequate provision of social services and inability of the educational system to respond to new challenges. From the word “juvenile delinquency”, “juvenile” means young people while delinquency means young offenders that are guilty of minor crime or
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In view of the above facts, Beere, the study area as one of the urban centre in the core area of the ancient city “Ibadan” is characterised by severe problem of juvenile delinquency and also the causes which may be as a result of socio-economic problem that grossly inhibit the development of the study area in many sectors of life. This implies that planning issues where not taken into cognizance in the development and growth of urban environment, for instance, Beere the study area is characterised by high rate of juvenile crime.
Therefore, the research work will critically examine the types, causes and effect of juvenile delinquency on the resident in the study area with a view to proffer or recommend the possible ways of ameliorating the problem of juvenile delinquency in the study area.
The aim of this study is to assess juvenile delinquency in Beere, Ibadan.
In order to achieve the above aim, the following objectives are set for study.
1. To examine the different types of juvenile delinquency in the study area.
2. To determine the causes of juvenile delinquency in the study area.
3. To determine the effect of the
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