Juveniles Who Stand Trial As An Adults

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Abstract Juveniles who is housed with adults is a major issue. It’s important to address this issue accordingly, however the issue is not addressed. Why would you houses juveniles with adults together? Juveniles and adults have two different minds fames. Yes, some would say “you the crime, you do the time”, however juveniles are not mentally and physically equal. I believe that, their lives can be ruined. Everyone deserves a second chance. The outcome of housing then together could produce a negative effect on the juvenile and society as a whole. Are we creating more problems for ourselves? Keywords: Juveniles, adults, housing, Should Juveniles who stand trial as an adults, be housed with adults? Let’s say your child has been tried as an adult, would you want your child housed with an adult, who is over the age of eighteen? Honesty, no, what parent would want their child to be housed with adults? The parent would be concern of the juvenile’s well-being. How does a thirteen years old who is housed with a forty-five year old make any sense? There should be separation of housing and rehabilitation when the juvenile who is under the age of 18. When the juvenile turns eighteen or twenty-one it would be appropriate for juvenile to be transition to adult housing. Juveniles who stand trial as an adult, again I mention should not be housed with adults because of possibilities of physical and sexual abuse from adult inmates, juvenile psychological
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