Perpetual Peace Theory Essay

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Kant, Liberal Legacies, and Foreign Affairs (1983) essay by M.Doyle, the main modern liberal thinker. on democratic peace theory, bring back to life Kant's “Perpetual peace” (1795) theory by analysing the lack of wars btween liberal democratic states.
Nowadays, the democratic peace theory is one of the most accepted theses among the international relations community. It is considered as one of the most stable and unbreakable « law » of the field. This theory explain that democracies do not fight each other, not because the people living in it are intrinsically pacific, but because between democracies war is the last resort since it has become such an irrational way to deal with issues.
In his essay, Doyle is trying to analyse this pacific situation by explaining the correlation between the extern behavior of a …show more content…

Consequently, the theory depends on different forms of freedoms which enhance people's rights: negative and positive freedoms, and the guarantee of democratic participation concept.
Negative freedoms are the freedoms which are protecting the citizens from arbitrary authority - freedom of conscience, free press and speech, equality under the law, and the right to hold and exchange fearlessly property. Those rights are essential because they avoid the anarchical « state of nature » and enable citizens to live in an organized society where their rights are protected.
They are different from positive freedoms whose purpose is to help and ensure a decent life to every citizens with - social and economic equality and equal education, health care, and employment. These rights enable a welfare system where citizen's condition of living is a central matter in

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