Karen Wakes Up. She Immediately Knows Something Is Wrong.

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Karen wakes up. She immediately knows something is wrong. She sits up and stares at her clock on her desk. It was black. Now she panics. Karen goes to her right side to find her phone. She discovers that it have a dead battery She hates it when the battery is below 50%. She quickly finds the charger and plugs it in. When she does that, she opens her desk drawer and picked up one of her many watches. She looked at on pocket watch. It says 7:10 am. Oh No She spent another night talking to her roommates. She groans and jumps from her bed and runs to her closet, which was already open. She grabs tight jeans with a tank top, and oversized sweater. She strewn off her 1994 T Shirt and shorts. She puts on her tight jeans, oversized sweater, and …show more content…

Apparently they discovered a lot of moles all over the U.S. Everyone is going back to the old technology with home telephones, and snail mail.” Karen looks at Steve. She couldn’t believe it is happening. It is the last semester in college and everything is going haywire. Then she stops and starts thinking about the classes. She notices cars heading out of the college. She walks closer to the windows and sees different cars driving out of campus. “Oh yes. Classes are cancelled until further notice. Professors are heading back to see their loved ones” Steve says that as he notices Karen looking out the window. She looks back at Steve. No homework today She runs to get her stuff, and heads out of the library door. She stops and turns to Steve. “Steve. Why are you not going to see Nancy?” “Oh. Well I have to keep the library afloat for a little while longer. Then I will shut it down. Students are still here.” “Ok. Is she panicking?” “She always panics over the smallest stuff. This time, she is packing everything in our house. I will be ok though. I don’t have to be near cats anymore.” “Ok. Be safe Steve.” Karen walks out of the door. While the door closes, she looks back and sees Steve pulling out his flip phone and dialing it. He shuts it off. No service. Then he goes to the office phone and begins dialing. She turns and runs out of the Science Building. Karen runs all the way to her apartment. She drops

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