Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels

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Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were asked to write a manifesto for a group that they had recently been accepted into, a group known as the “Communist League,” a group of activists that met in London. Marx and Engels – though Engels primarily took care of editing and revising, Marx did a large amount of the writing – would write The Communist Manifesto for this group. After the manifesto was published, it became one of the most well-known as well as influential pieces of philosophy, and is the reason that “Marxism” exists today.
The Communist Manifesto covers a variety of topics, the first and most prominent is likely class struggles. Marx explains in immense detail the unfair relationships between the bourgeoisie and the proletarians and communists. He talks about how these class separations and struggles should be abolished. Equality of opportunity is another big thing that is discussed throughout the book, as well as dealing majorly with class struggle. Marx brings point after point, argument after argument about the necessary equality among people, with a view stating that everybody should work among other things leading to equality among all groups. As the former two reasons may provide reasoning for this, Marx was strong about a revolution. Marx was not okay with the way that society was, and wanted a change he felt was necessary. Going even further than simple equality, Marx also touched on a proletarian dictatorship. More than just bringing the bourgeoisie
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