Karl Marx And The Great Philosopher Essay

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Karl Marx was born in Trier, Prussia in 1818 to a Jewish family, but despite his baptism at age 6, he later became an atheist. Marx attended University of Bonn, but due to his imprisonment for drunkenness and variances with another student, he was enrolled in the University of Berlin by his parents. Marx earned his degree in philosophy and began writing for Rheinische Zeitung, a liberal democratic newspaper. He later became their editor. Marx was a member of Young Hegelian movement which was group that criticized Christianity and the liberal resistance of the Prussian autocracy. Marx engaged in numerous revolutionary movements; However, after the failures he was driven to London in 1849. For most of his life, Marx was not working alone. Marx worked with Friedrich Engels, who had created a similar theory to that of Marx. Engel was a great communicator while Marx was the great philosopher. The two worked well together to formulate the term, “Marxism”. Engel contributed much to Marxism and Karl Marx’s other successes. Marx continuously studied and wrote, but he was unable to finish the last two volumes of his work. Therefore, Engel put together Marx’s notes to finish the volumes after Marx passed on March 14, 1883. A group of people who share similar opinions and views on characteristics of cultural movements, philosophy, belief, and other concepts form into a school of thought. Karl Marx not only belonged to the Marxian school of thought, but as seen by the name, also
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