Karl Marx’s Views on Family Ethics Essay

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Karl Marx’s Views on Family Ethics

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels

Karl Marx devoted much of his time to the study of morality, better known as ethics. Karl Marx was a firm believer in Communism and he authored the Communist Manifesto, along with Frederick Engels. Family ethics is an issue dealt with by Karl Marx in his teachings and writings. According to Marx and his co-author, Engels, morality is the slave of interest. Moral codes and ethics are believed to be dependent on the person and relative to the social setting.[1] Ethics are discussed on a philosophical level and also in everyday controversial topic discussions or debates.

Marx was a huge supporter of freedom and believed that
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Another noteworthy fact is that in order to express a group behavior result, the information would have to remain inseparable from his personal being.[4] A necessity to any group collaboration is interaction and therefore it was also key to the ethics displayed by the people of his time. Marx completed a research project in which he studied the interaction and “social instincts” between animals and humans. He found that the evolution process was similar and several actions are actually made subconsciously.[5] Marx stresses the fact that interaction occurs between all living organisms and this interaction is vital for the survival and future generations. The distinction between human beings and animals is finally made in saying that humans are given the potential of developing their individual identity regardless of societal views on certain issues. Interaction is believed by some to be the most crucial solution available to a problem.

Marx has opinions and views on so many various topics, but his ideals of Communism are quite clear and do not stray often from his main point. His theory however only addresses landowners and steers clear of other commoners. He does not deal with the minorities of women,
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