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Over 6,000,000 died and only 900,000 survived. The Holocaust is one of the darkest moments in world history. Hitler was a German dictator who wanted to create a supreme race; blue eyes and blonde hair were some of the requirements. Because the majority of Jews did not fit that description, they were targeted. Thousands of them were sent to concentration camps to die, while others were arrested and killed. In an attempt to save as many lives as possible, many people hid Jewish refugees during the Holocaust. Three individuals who did this are Irena Sendler, Karolina Juszczykowska, and Raoul Wallenberg.
“Heros do extraordinary things. What I did was not an extraordinary thing. It was normal.” ~ Irena Sendler
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No one has survived to tell her story firsthand, but over many years historians have been able to piece together the incredible truth. Karolina Juszczykowska was born in Budków, Poland, in 1898. There is little information on Juszczykowska’s childhood, but we do know that she had a very modest one. During her testimony in court she was quoted as saying, "I never went to school. Until I was 13 years old I lived with my parents, and then went to Germany where I worked for 5 years for a farmer in Mecklenburg [a region in Northern Germany]… then I returned to Budkow, where I stayed with my sister until 1934. I helped my sister with farm work. In 1934 I moved to Tomaschow. Until the outbreak of the war I made a living in road construction. Subsequently I had different jobs, as laundress, maid, etc., and until my arrest I worked in the kitchen of OT (Organization Todt) in Tomaszow.” ( Karolina told her interrogators that six weeks prior to her arrest she had met two young men on the street. They asked her to hide them, and they promised to pay her 300 Zloty per week for both of them. She decided to accept their offer. Karolina stated she hid them out of a need for money, not necessarily to help. They slept on the floor at night, and when she would go to work, she locked them in her small apartment. Juszczykowska told her interrogators that one of her …show more content…

He led one of the most extensive and successful rescue attempts during World War Two. Raoul Wallenberg was born near Stockholm, Sweden on August 4, 1912. His father died, due to an illness, only a few months before Wallenberg was born. As a result, his grandfather raised him, giving him a lavish childhood. Wallenberg grew up going on extensive trips around Europe and expiring many different cultures. After mandatory military school, Raoul went to a architecture academy in Paris, and graduated top in his class. While working at a bank, Wallenberg heard stories of German Soldiers taking Jews as prisoners. In the early 1940’s he took a job at a Jewish-owned food exporting company. The owner could not safely travel for business, so Wallenberg took his place. By going on these trips he become familiar with Stockholm,

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