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Aside from love, a successful relationship has to include honesty, trust, communication, and common goals. When you truly love someone you should naturally have those qualities. However, it takes commitment on both sides and both parties have to be willing to keep the relationship working. In a relationship, it is important for a couple to discuss self-disclosure to each other; such as, religious beliefs, hobbies, ideas, and goals. It is also important to take these findings seriously and to be honest about them because it will have an impact on how they live their lives together. If a couple does not agree with one another, it’s best to be honest about it because when they are not, it will cause their future together to spiral downward. Tom Cruise’s relationship with Katie Holmes is a perfect example of what an unsuccessful relationship looks like. Their relationship ended in divorce after six years of marriage because it lacked communication, common interests, and trust. According to an article by Starpulse Staff (2012), an insider stated “It’s clear that Tom can be very persuasive and is very powerful. But once she decided to go, she was done” (para. 4). One can clearly state from this that Tom Cruise was manipulative and often got his way. There was a lack of communication in their life…show more content…
If people take the time to examine why things went wrong in their relationship, maybe it will help them not make the same mistakes. The main reasons why this relationship did not work is because of it lacked communication, common interests, and trust. Their relationship ended in divorce because they did not talk more, nor did Holmes trust Cruise. If Holmes would have taken the time to trust and communicate to Cruise, maybe their relationship would have survived. It is important for both parties to work on a relationship and always be open and honest with one

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