Keeping Classrooms in Control

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I remember sitting in a class with thirty other children not paying attention while our teacher struggled to get control of the classroom. It was a nightmare for our teacher and for the students who wanted to learn. I work in an after school program now, and some days I want to rip my hair out because there are so many children. On an average day we have about sixty children all together and then we break into two groups. Even when we have broken into our smaller groups it is still chaotic and extremely difficult to get control. I cannot imagine being in a classroom all day trying to teach 30 children at once. I’m going to school to become a first grade teacher, when I get there I hope they have regulated classroom sizes to smaller numbers. Smaller classroom sizes will greatly benefit the teacher and students. While doing research on the subject, I found that there is a movement created by parents across the country who are fighting to regulate small classroom sizes; they want their children to have the best learning environment they can get. Most people can only afford to send their children to public school, but the class sizes are so big their children may not be getting the most out of their schooling. Parents who can afford to send their children to private schools, that have smaller class sizes, see better results in their child’s education. There has been an extreme rate of lay offs of teachers in the past few years, so class sizes are getting larger to accommodate

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