Advantages And Disadvantages Of East Jordan

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Imagine, disappointed students because they are at a disadvantage in scholarship competitions from students in other school districts, caused by the fact that they have fewer AP and Honors classes than them. They are put further in debt as they waste money unsure of what their major should be after they graduate from high school. In the school, classes are filled to the max with students, making the class difficult to teach. Teachers struggling to properly prepare for and handle the workload of 5 different classes. This is not something one has to imagine, because this the reality of East Jordan Middle High School. East Jordan is facing all of these problems, because EJMHS is understaffed. East Jordan does not have enough teaching staff as …show more content…

Smaller classes would result in stronger student teacher connections. When there is a smaller group in a class there are fewer students that a teacher has to get to know in that class and can have a better one on one connection with the students. By having a smaller class they can get to know students deeply. A larger amount of staff means there could be multiple sections of the same class, making the classes smaller. That allows for stronger connections between students and teachers, meaning that a teacher can reach out to students, and can understand their students better. Smaller classes will also give students a greater chance to ask questions. Fewer students means that students can ask the questions about what they don’t understand because there isn’t 30 other people trying to ask a question. Smaller classes mean that questions are more likely to be answered giving the student an in depth understanding of the subject. The final reason that hiring staff would improve classes by making them smaller is that it is extremely difficult to teach a large class. A larger amount of people causes for difficulty in maneuvering around the classroom. This can diminish the class level and diminish what the students take away from that class. It is easier to move around 20 people and not 35. Having enough teachers means that teaching a class would be improved. With …show more content…

Increasing the teaching staff would help teachers by limiting the variety in the homework the teachers are responsible for grading. Teachers have the responsibility of teaching all sorts of different classes because there are limited staff. With a wide variety of classes that means a wide variety of homework for teachers; consequently, when at home grading, teachers are forced to switch from homework to homework, and idea to idea. Hiring additional staff would mean that teacher would teach all similar subjects therefore limiting the variety of homework and making teachers lives better. Furthermore EJHS must expand the staff because it would help teachers prep for classes. Teachers have a large variety of classes and an awfully short prep time. Teachers at EJMHS are expected to prep for 5 classes in 50 minutes, giving only 10 minutes of prep time a day for teachers. If teachers only had to teach 4 or 3 types of classes, a teacher can have a greater amount of time to prep for each class. By increasing the amount of staff, teachers would teach fewer types of classes, meaning that a teacher could prepare extremely thoroughly for one class. Teachers are able to produce high quality lesson plans and enhance the lessons they teach. Obviously, East Jordan High School must expand the number of staff in order to make the teachers exceptionally effective in their

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