Kelly Services: Company Analysis

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Kelly Services is a company that provides a wide range of experienced work force to temporarily staff developing companies or assist companies that are experiencing low manning. Kelly Services’ employees are experienced and well educated. We have a wide range of experienced engineers, mechanics, pharmacists, and very motivated labor workers. We believe that Germany would be the best country to focus our attention on because of the skill we have to offer. Germany is responsible for $1.5 trillion worth the exports globally. The $1.5 trillion includes vehicles, machines (engines and pumps), electrical equipment, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, plastics, aircraft, aircraft parts, oil, iron, steel, and organic chemicals. (Workman, 2015) Because of Germany’s wide range of exports globally, there are always companies being built to keep up with the demand. Germany’s scientists are also working hard to invent new machines to replace labor workers in order to cut down on the costs for running their industries.…show more content…
(Temperton, 2015) We believe the engineers at Kelly Services can offer their knowledge and professional experience to assist the German scientists’ efforts in developing the technology they are working
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