Essay on Kemps Case

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1. Assess the implementation of the time-driven ABC system at Kemps. What do you like about it? What are you less happy with, and would have done differently?

One of the best aspects of the way the time-driven ABC system was put into place at Kemps was how efficiently and accurately management determined the main issues with the current cost system and responded with appropriate and relevant solutions. For example, one of the greatest problems the company was facing was that many of its operating costs were spread out equally over a customer base that was growing more diverse and demanding more personalized and varied service, effectively cutting or potentially eliminating entirely Kemps’ profit margins for a product. Therefore, …show more content…

Second, costs could be reduced by consolidating deliveries so as to eliminate the additional cost of transporting less-than-full truck loads. Additionally, packaging could be standardized so as to reduce changeover times on the production floor. Should none of these options (or any appropriate combination of them) be acceptable, Kemps may need to consider discontinuing the relationship with the customer.

b. National branded chain of retail food outlets that was soliciting bids from dairy suppliers

As previously mentioned, the use of activity-based costing gives Kemps an advantage when competing for customers in an ever more competitive and growing market. However, the ability to succinctly distinguish how many small changes, when taken together, can have a large impact on cost savings (and therefore profit), is necessary in order to convince customers who may not be familiar with the many benefits of ABC. Mainly, management would want to demonstrate how the cost savings that they enjoy are ultimately passed on to their customers, perhaps by showing some of the improvements that have been made to their own company as a result of implementation, specifically focusing on advancements that would have a direct impact on the customer’s business.

c. High incidence of returns from convenience store outlets.

There is no doubt that excess returns due to overstocking would be a major

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