Ken Kesey Symbolism

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Upon rendition and interpretation of this extraordinary piece of literary genius, the conclusion that Ken Kesey is a true madman in his purest form has been had. What was extremely and utterly enlightening was his awe inspiring use of diction and the way his words seamlessly float and zip across the mind’s open gateway to create and materialize fantastic, rich, and cutting-edge imagery which is then transformed into mystical tactile sensations. The entirety of his transcendent past experiences have greatly shaped and colored his end product which is this noteworthy and highly regarded revolutionary novel.
The quality of Kesey’s magnificent word play is akin to watching the glorious and life giving Sun radiate its intense beams of piercing luminescent light over peaks and summits if the most wondrous mountains. Diction and imagery fuse and melt together into a powerful literary concoction which leads the reader down a scholastic rabbit-hole filled with a slew of different emotions, perceptions,
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In this quote, “Metaphorically, Kesey's sanitarium serves as a multiple microcosm for institutional society; it's a military barracks, prison cellblock, encounter-group bullpen, behavioral laboratory, and Jean Genet-esque plantation where the power hierarchy has been inverted."(Wolcott), perfectly and precisely captures the true essence of this book. Kesey empowers a rebellious figure by the name of McMurphy by privileging him to do as he sees fit for his fellow companions even if that means temporarily disrupting the artificial peace created by the vicious and barbarous administration. McMurphy represents an activist, attempting to fight for the well-being of the entire psych ward, while the community of patients represents a beaten down and continuously crumbling society at the mercy of the cruel
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