Kendell's Athleticism, Love, And Love Of Learning

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Kendell is 8 years old. His eyes are brown. His hair is brown with curls. His skin is brown. He is tall. He has long arms. Kendell likes to have fun and play with his toys. His favorite toy is his giant Yoda. He likes to build Legos. He loves learning math. He loves school. He wants to learn how to ride a bike. He likes to eat and loves snacks. He likes to play football. Kendell demonstrates athleticism, love, and love of learning.

First Kendell demonstrates athleticism because he plays sports. His football team is the Tierrasanta Cougars. They are undefeated this season and won the championship. Next Kendell demonstrates love because he loves his family. He loves to watch football. love when he helps his family. Finally Kendell demonstrates
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