Kendrick Lamar: Song Analysis

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In my opinion, Kendrick Lamar, an award-winning rapper and songwriter, has one of the best abilities to describe his distressed and abused lifestyle in Compton, California. He is not your original cliché artist who does not speak about anything meaningful. Kendrick, also known as K. Dot, is one of the most well known and most respected rappers in this era. Not only does he speak about his gloomy past, but he also speaks about his fortunate future. His ability to give detailed representations of his struggles and his story telling allows me to, metaphorically, enter the mind of Kendrick Lamar.
In the song ‘u’, on the album called ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’, is one of my favorite representations as mentioned earlier. The song starts off by contradicting
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Some believe that K. Dot received inspiration by a poem created by a well-known rapper, Tupac Shakur. Which it does makes sense because both the lyrics and poem have the same concept. The poem, like the song, dwell on the fact that love and personal desires are complex, intangible, and is a great struggle. Kendrick accomplishes this in a manner where a name does not have to be mentioned. This is pure genius.
On verse one, Kendrick is speaking about someone, which I will explain further, whom is mistreating him and his family, on how this person was filled with arrogance and even dared to chase a better life than what he ever had. He also rants on how he never needed him and he will never need him. Kendrick was extremely mad at this individual and the amount of pain in his voice, you can sense the hatred he carried inside him. He quotes, “The world don’t need you, don’t let them deceive you. Numbers lie too, f*ck your pride too, that’s for dedication. Thought money would change you. Made you more complacent. I f*ckin’ hate you, I hope you embrace it.” This is a message from Kendrick to K. dots actions, which he fights a difficult battle in his
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