Kennedy Brennan. March 1, 2017. France. Media Ownership.

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Kennedy Brennan
March 1, 2017
Media Ownership Media is not just television and radio. The French media ownership is distributed over four different forms of media. The media is consisted radio, internet, television, and newspaper. The French people are more old fashion. They rely mostly on radio and newspaper. They spend very little time in front of a television set or in front of a computer screen. The rest of the world spends so much more time in front of computer screens and televisions sets compared to the French citizens. The media in France is not like the media in the United States, the French have a greater sense of freedom in their media. Newspaper is the most popular forms of media in France. France has 86 daily
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France as a very high number of Facebook users. That makes it the most popular social media in France. They have the third highest in the world. Skyrock is the second most popular social media in France. It is a blogging website. The headquarters for Skyrock is actually located in France. (TranslateMedia) The second most popular form of media in France is radio. In France radio is consumed for an average of 3 hours and 11 minutes a day. They have 55,300,000 radios in the country. Which is 92.9% of the country’s population. They only have a total of 14 radio stations though. One of the stations is divided up into 7 different stations. (France Basic Data) Along with internet, television is on the low end of the spectrum too. Not many people in France watch television. In France television is consumed for an average of 3 hours and 13 minutes a day. They only have 2,662,280 cable subscribers. Which is only about 4.5% of the country’s population. Although they do have satellite television also. They have 4,300,000 satellite subscribers. Which is only about 7.2% of the country’s population. With cable and satellite subscriptions combined that is only 11.7% of the country’s population having some form of television subscription. In fact most of the country does not even own a television. The television programing is done by multiple groups. Most of the television programing is done by the public. There
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