Kenya Safari Questions And Answers

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If you are about to travel to Kenya for the first time, you will probably have all sorts of questions. We have compiled a list of questions (and answers!) we get asked every day by our guests. If your question is not listed below please contact (Link) us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Why Should you choose a Kenya Safari? Why travel to Masai Mara?
Kenya has some of Africa’s finest national parks, offering one of the best and most accessible game viewing in the world, including the hard-to-resist attraction of the "Big Five" (Link). The country also offers a breathtaking natural beauty. From the snow-capped mountains, white sandy beaches to the deep Rift Valley with its extinct volcanoes, and …show more content…

For your own safety, do not hang your hand outside the window during the game drive.
What type of language should I take?
When travelling on safari, baggage should be kept to a minimum since you will be using a chartered aircraft from Nairobi to Masai Mara. This should be in soft duffle bags as opposed to hard suitcases in order to fit in the baggage compartment on small aircraft. Most internal flights allow a limit up to 15Kg (33-lbs) of luggage. On road safaris, the weight and size allowance is not as important but you should still try to travel light. Please read your itinerary carefully and pack accordingly. See more details on our recommended Packing List (Link).
Do mobile/cell phones work on safari?
Yes, there is an extensive mobile (cell) phone service coverage throughout the country. Before traveling, we suggest you contact your local provider regarding International use of your mobile device. Since most people come on safari to get away from the outside world, we feel that we must set some limitations to the use of these phones in our camps and on safari. If you use your phone during your safari please respect other guests and do not use the phone during game drives or while within the camp's common areas such as the

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