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I am hands down the worlds pickiest eater. When I was a child, my parents would create what the menu, but when I turned three I stood up for myself. No ketchup! No tomatoes! No mustard! I always found it extremely odd how people were obsessed with these foods when the sheer aroma of plain old ketchup made me gag. Every single night my family and I would sit down for dinner. No matter the meal, ketchup was always a necessity for my brother. Whether it was a juicy hamburger, grilled chicken, or even plain pasta, the Heinz ketchup was present. The worst part was our assigned seats; Brett and I were always a few inches apart. Everyday I would watch him first shake the ketchup so that the juice would mix with the substance, squeeze it out and smother it on the food. I would hold my breath …show more content…

Tomato is the main ingredient in ketchup and they are the same color, so why would I like one when I despise the other. At dinners it was always tough to make food that we all agreed on. Since I was so particular with the foods I would eat, I would put in my dinner requests the second I woke up in the morning. Regardless, my mom would always prepare a salad before the main dish. She was always a pro at disguising the vegetables. She would slice them paper thin so they almost all camouflaged into the lettuce. This definitely worked. I was content with this routine and would gladly eat the salad. After a few weeks of my mom’s salads and various meals, I began asking questions and getting curious. Why was this so important with her cooking? Why is it made every single night? What is even in it? As much as I did not want to know, I questioned. She would not tell me at first. I kept pressing and our voices continued to grow later until I heard it, the ‘T’ word. Tomatoes! I was in shock that I was tricked into eating something I thought I hated. As mad as I was, I was secretly even more embarrassed to admit that I actually liked

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