Kevin Thomas Rhamy Personal Statement

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As the fiery pillar of smoke climbed ever faster towards the night sky, I stood mouth agape at age five as I watched the launch of the Discovery Space Shuttle in Cape Canaveral, birthing my fascination with the depths of space. At age eighteen, my sense of purpose was clearer than ever in a high school classroom while watching footage of the spacewalk mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope, an inspiration for me to pursue higher education in engineering with aspirations of becoming an astronaut. By age twenty three, I had been working at my first full time job as an engineer for the Department of Defense for nearly a year when I unexpectedly failed a flight physical due to minor, yet untreatable, health conditions. Now, realizing that my chances of becoming an astronaut are beyond my control, my reasoning for undertaking graduate work is to enable myself to contribute to a field that ultimately helps others do the things their bodies keep them from doing. I want to help put those people back in control of doing the things they dream to do. …show more content…

As a recent graduate from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Physics, I possess the academic background necessary to qualify me continue my education. Though a majority of my courses during undergrad focused on power systems and electromagnetics, I also completed multiple courses in bioelectrics in addition to my required engineering and math classes. These courses served as a strong introduction into the interdisciplinary relationship between engineering and the medical field and thus peaked my initial interest in biomedical engineering. My specific interests include nanomedicine, neuroengineering and brain-computer

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