Marc Garneau: Canadian Astronaut

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It’s not everyday that an ordinary kid from a farm in a city like Milton, Ontario finds himself walking in outer space. To get from here to there, it takes a significant amount of hard work, dedication and ambition as well as perseverance- overcoming all the barriers in life and plowing through. Chris Hadfield had those very traits- which enabled him to make Canada proud in an unforgettable way. Although Marc Garneau was the first Canadian in space, Chris Hadfield rewrote the very rules that bind us, by being the first Canadian to walk in space. What is it they said again, “One step for man, one giant leap for mankind”? Well Chris Hadfield took one step for man and one giant leap for Canadians. Chris Hadfield is now a retired Canadian astronaut …show more content…

With his help, Canada became known for so much more and the CSA became a much popular and recognized agency. Moreover, his findings through the experimental procedures his crew and he performed, aided in Canada gaining more knowledge about outer space and it’s impact on the human body. It’s not everyday that someone amounts to such greatness. However, Chris Hadfield proved that there is no such thing as limitations if you put your heart into what you’re doing. His legacy encourages young people to soar high and follow their dreams. Chris claimed many Canadian firsts during his decorated career- resulting in Canadians feeling pride towards their nation and having hope for more achievements from Canadians further on. Chris Hadfield created a hope and an ambition to continue the Canadian legacy and show the world how amazing our nation truly is. He displayed bravery and confidence in his training through various difficulties and issues during his missions in space such as the time ammonia was leaking through the ISS platform’s cooling system. He changed the way people looked at space travel and contributed significantly to scientific findings, which would shape the knowledge and practice of space travel for Canadians and the world in future missions. Chris Hadfield dedicated the better part of his life to astronomical endeavors and accomplishments- which hopefully will result in smarter …show more content…

He contributed significantly to space travel and research and shaped the understanding of the public about the outer space society. Most importantly, he made Canada an immensely proud nation by putting the Canadian name on so many firsts. He led Canada to earn recognition for it’s hardworking and ambitious citizens that want Canada to prosper. Chris displayed strength and courage in his missions and brilliance in the way his career progressed and the accomplishments he earned. For this, Canada should be proud of him being this nation’s citizen and thankful for all he has done for

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