Key Symbolism Of Spiderman Symbols

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The religion I have decided to develop surrounds a famous superhero: Spiderman. Individuals that follow this religion are devoted to the worship of Spiderman and all of his crime fighting abilities, as well as his established motto, which is based off of his late uncle: with great power comes great responsibility. Followers of this new religion, henceforth called Webheads, also support other superheroes in the Marvel comic universe, but not to the extent they support Spiderman.
The Congregation has spread far and wide throughout the world, though is more prominent in English-speaking countries. The rules and practices are not different from country to country, allowing Webheads to easily relocate and find a new Congregation to attend …show more content…

The second part of Ortner’s definition of a key symbol is it causing a positive or negative reaction from the natives. Simply mentioning the Grand Spider symbol causes a frenzy within the Congregation. Just showing the symbol to them causes their faces to light up and them to immediately begin discussing their love for Spiderman. This is in part because the symbol is all over their buildings, which they go to to attend sermons that brings them happiness. This means they are making a mental connection between happiness and the symbol. However, the symbol can also elicit a negative response in particular contexts. Should Webheads see someone wearing the symbol out in public, they will begin attempting to discuss the Congregation with this person. If the person is not a member of the Congregation, a fight will ensue, as Webheads feel no one but Congregation members should be allowed to wear the symbol. As Spiderman is a popular Marvel superhero, plenty of individuals that are not a part of the Congregation wear the symbol. Plenty of people also display the symbol, typically in poster form in their homes and offices. This also elicits a negative reaction from Webheads because they feel only Congregation buildings have the authority to display the symbol in such a fashion. The Grand Spider symbol, when used or displayed by

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