Should Kids Get Good Grades Essay

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Parents what if you paid your children for doing well in school? If you paid your kids for getting good grades it will make students actually work harder and listen more if they know they are getting rewarded. Kids should get paid for good grades because, it gives them a chance to understand money and how it works, they can save that money up and won’t have to ask you for money all the time, wouldn’t that be nice, and finally it causes them to do well in school. First of all if you pay your children you will most likely see their grades rise, and this is a great way to get your children's grades up if they are set at C’s or D’s. “Kids who got paid all year under a very elegant scheme performed significantly better on their standardized reading tests at the end of the year.” (Is Cash the Answer). Getting good grades is very important, it decides where they go in their future, like getting into high school, or if your kids plan to go to college, and even decided how much they would get paid an hour. Children often work harder if they know a reward is involved, just like you, your jobs pay hourly, you are rewarded for your hard work, just like students should for their hard work. “Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world.” (Nelson Mandela). Education is the future, so if you want your kids to grow up to get a good job then what better way than to teach them the importance and understanding of money at the same time.
Secondly Paying your children will

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