Killing Lincoln : The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever Essay

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Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard write Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever , a book about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and the events leading up to the assassination. The purpose of the book is to strategically break down the days and events leading up to the death of Abraham Lincoln and provoke thoughts in the minds of the readers. The authors want to uncover proven and alleged conspiracy theories. Bill O’Reilly writes a plethora of other books with Martin Dugard such as Killing Regan, Killing Kennedy, Killing Jesus, and Killing Patton, just to name a few. They do write their own books separately. Bill O’Reilly writes Culture Warrior, A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity, Pinheads and Patriots, and Lincoln 's Last Days. Martin Dugard on the other hand wrote The Last Voyage of Columbus, Into Africa, The Training Ground, and Knockdown on his own. Bill O’Reilly went to school and earned a Bachelor 's in history from Marist College, then a Master 's in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University and finished with a second Masters in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. He is very well known for his television sitcom show “The O 'Reilly Factor” which is airing its 20th year. He is more than qualified to write this book.Martin Dugard was an educated man as well. Dugard is a best selling author published in The New York Times. He is also extremely qualified to have assisted Bill O’reilly as a

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