Killington Beast Essay

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This was my fourth year in a row participating and running the Killington Beast on both Saturday & Sunday. My right knee has been so bad this summer that I wasn’t intending to go to Killington this year, but the knee started feeling a little better and I got the OCR itch again and had to go do it!

• Registration and Festival:

Now that Spartan USA is using the barcode registration system, registration has been running much faster and smoother and this weekend wasn’t any different! They also now had us sign a screen and not have to complete a paper waiver which kicked ass! The Festival area was setup with most of the booths and vendors next to each other, with the exception of bag check, which was placed way over in China.

• Pre-race
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About the same gap in distance ahead came the next obstacle, the brutally tough Hay Wall! The course made a right turn and we ran for a little while before making our way to Over-Under-Thru (O-U-T) and a short distance after came the Monkey Bars.

At this point, the course had a longer trail sprint and eventually made it way to the Barbed Wire crawl # 1, the first crawl wasn’t that long, but it did go up the mountain so rolling wasn’t that easy and I had to crawl! After a short sprint, it was time for the Herc Hoist, which I always look forward to because for a larger guy like me, it’s nice and easy. A very short distance ahead came Inverted Walls and just after that came Plate Drag. The course headed down at this point and continued for a longer sprint and up next was Z-Walls and just after we headed over to the Bridge, which was nice and easy. It was time for the swim.

It was time for the swim and I hate to complain, but yet again, the company Spartan hired to keep racers safe while in the water did not have near enough rescue personal in the water and it appeared a lot of the team they brought with them just sat on the side of the water doing nothing. They had younger teens in kayaks that while at least I was watching them on both Saturday & Sunday didn’t seem to be doing a good job of paying attention to the racers in the water. I personally didn’t have to rescue anyone this year, but I did hear from at least one friend that she had to
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