Requiem for a Beast Essay

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Requiem for a Beast Essay By Nicola Jude Images can have a powerful effect on the way a person perceives a story. It can be the line that connects two dots together and adds a visual emotion to just a plain text. Matt Ottley’s multimodal text, Requiem for a Beast, uses illustrations, music, text and changes in point of view to highlight the major themes that develop throughout the text. Themes such as reconciliation and the Stolen Generation are explored and the hardships that the Aboriginal people endured are present as well. The Stolen Generation is interpreted as a time when Aboriginal children were forcibly removed from their homes and then taken under custody of the Australian Government. The image on page twenty-one depicts the…show more content…
The pain shown in the mother’s eyes represents all the Aboriginal families who lost their young ones. Page fifty-five shows an image of the mother literally breaking apart about the fact that she can’t find her child. It is symbolic of the Stolen Generation as the elderly woman said that most children never returned home and families were left broken apart. The black background symbolises how empty the mother is without her child and the darkness that is
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