Kim Jong Un 's Background Before Getting Involved On Removing Human Rights Essay

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Kim Jong-Un

What was Kim Jong Un’s background before getting involved in removing human rights?
A lot of Kim Jong-Un’s background is unknown. Even his birthday isn’t known for certain. Although North Korean authorities say he was born on 8 January 1983, South Korean intelligence officials claim that he was born the year after. Some information has been given by Kim’s previous peers and Kim Jong-Il’s (Kim Jong-Un’s father) personal chef Kenji Fujimoto. There was proof found in 2012 that Kim Jong-Un lived in Switzerland as early as 1992 or 1993. It is likely that in 1998-2000, Jong-Un went to a school in Koniz near Bern, Switzerland called Liebefeld Steinholzli. He used the name Pak-un or Un-pak. He was described by his classmates as shy and awkward. He was ambitious and was very interested in basketball. He didn’t actually show much interest in politics and his grades and attendance were quite bad. Fujimoto says that Kim started driving at age 7 and drinking and smoking at age 14. From 2002-2007, Kim went to an officer-training school in Pyongyang named after his grandfather, Kim Il-sung University. The Kim Il-sung University is the main and first University in North Korea. Kim Jong-Un had always been favoured over his half brother, Kim Jong-Chul, according to Fujimoto who also believed Kim Jong-Un was more fit to be first chairman. This was because Kim Jong-Chul was too feminine while Kim Jong-Un is “exactly like his father”. Even so, Kim Jong-Chul was supposed to be

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