Kind Project Malawi

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Tony collins

Many people in Malawi don’t have much money. A lot of families have issues sending their children to school because of this. The kind fund help families and schools in Malawi with these issues. Malawi is among the smallest countries in Africa, and the poorest country in the world. The kind project, sponsored by unicef and MSNBC, have collaborated to develop and improve the education in Malawi. This essay will explore how the kind project started, why they chose Malawi and the impact it has had on the country.
Malawi is among the world's least developed countries. The economy is mainly based in agriculture, with a large rural population. The Malawian government depends heavily on outside aid to meet development needs, although …show more content…

This quote connects to what the kind fund did for the children in malawi. That is because the kind fund made learning conditions in schools better. Having a better education can help improve a community. The quote is saying it is a key to having a better life, and that is true because if people don’t have a good education they can’t make their life better.
The kind project has made up to 15,000 dollars for students desks, and 7 million total. Lawrence O'donnell says that donating desks for schools makes it better to have a school scholarship. People have not been just paying with money but have donating money online. The kids were overjoyed because now they can have a better education, but this also makes people who helped out with the kind fund glad. This is because they were able to make an attempt to make the kids in malawi have a better life.
The kind project has helped a lot of people in Malawi and helped them learn a lot faster and better. The KIND fund helped the children because sitting on desks is better than on the ground. Also because they are on desk in might help them focus better. Many of kids are a better and smarter person from before. The project also wants kids to learn more each day too because the kids love the new desks, and other

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