Marc Lamont Hill's Speech Analysis

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Dr. Marc Lamont Hill gave the 2017 All Bonaventure Reads keynote at St. Bonaventure University this past Monday. During the summer, the freshman class all read Hill’s book, “Nobody: Casualties of America’s War on The Vulnerable from Ferguson to Flint and Beyond.” In the book, many thought-provoking events that are a part of America’s history were discussed. The theme of the keynote was why people are put into the category of a “nobody.” Hill opens his speech by relating the events that he talked about in his book to current events, like football players kneeling during the National Anthem. Bringing up a current event is a good opener because it engaged his young audience by stating a controversial subject. Hill said that when he first started writing he wanted to write a book about what happened in Ferguson, Missouri with Michael Brown. He showed emotion when he was giving this part of the speech to give emphasis to the tragedy of what happened. When it occurred, he had to do a story on it for the news without physically being there. …show more content…

First, he asks, “how can I improve?” You can always be actively doing something to improve yourself. This may be going out in your community or globally and helping people in any way that you can. You should not let money come between you and what your character could be. Lastly, he says, “those who are given the most, should do the most.” In this quote, he is saying, if someone has more resources given to them, they should use those resources to help others who do not have as many as they need. Investing in people is the most important thing you can do. The speech that Dr. Marc Lamont Hill gave was full of purpose. The keynote was a very nice follow-up to his book, “Nobody: Casualties of America’s War on The Vulnerable from Ferguson to Flint and Beyond.” Everyone that read the book was brought together again to listen to the author speak about the ideas discussed in the

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