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This reading has introduced me to various factors in architecture regarding what it represents and should be in society through Louis Sullivan’s words.

A Terminal Station: • The Masculine Implies forceful, direct, clear and straightforward,
• The Feminine Implies intuitive sympathy, suavity, grace, and qualities of soothe, elevate, and refined.
• Should be easy to get in and out (efficiency)
• Outward aspect of the style takes on the ambulance of architecture.
I agree, a terminal station should be able to tell us what it is and from the outside, where are the entrances, exists, etc... This is a public figure and needs to be clear.

The Key:
• Each building’s external aspect represents character and it’s up to us to …show more content…

However, the value of the building is based on subjective value and Dollar value. Sullivan recommends that both come into play. Human nature determines the subjective value, which is more permanent, but money value is inseparable from the affairs of life.

Roman temple:

Sullivan talked about how roman temples are place in great modern cities, at the same time having a strenuous sight, sound, that remind the people of their god. Such a holy precinct shall be doubly sacred to us in our reverence for this union of old and new.
• An example of how a building can be highly subjective, take for example a bank. Just as we discussed in class, a Bank wants their building to seem powerful with strong values.
• Sullivan disagrees that banks in America should not resemble a Roman Temple. He believes that it should belong to ancient romans and that banks can make as much money in any kind of bank. Thus no need for imitations.
• It was a part of Roman life and their culture, and that goes along with the Roman glory, thus building temples all over resemble a roman death.

• It expresses a familiarity with current persons of the culture, or trends.
• When an architect loses trust from the people at large, this is called weak taste.
I always consider taste as what the market demands, for example having garages in suburban houses because of the demand for car and storage area.

A Department Store:

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