Kindergartener Eloise Assessment Essay

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For this project, we worked with Eloise Leatham. She is a kindergartener, 5 years old, from St. Paul. She attends Saint Paul Academy, a secular private school in St. Paul. She is exposed to books on a regular basis, as she has an 8-year-old sister who loves to read. Her parents, who are both working professionals with a relatively high income, read to Eloise and her sister every night before bed. Both parents enjoy reading, and have instilled a value for reading in their girls. Eloise attended preschool for 3 years, and was exposed to reading and writing there as well. She speaks fondly of her preschool experience, and continues to enjoy going to school now that she is in kindergarten.
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She used the pictures as references in order to make an educated guess on what the words might say. While this did result in a change of meaning (dancing instead of doing), we found Eloise to be very resourceful when she was stuck on a word. The only other problem we recognized with Eloise’s reading was her tendency towards insertion. More than once, she said ‘I can see’ rather than ‘I see’, which was what the text said. After reading, Eloise remembered about 60% of the story without any reference, and then 100% of the story with aid from the pictures. She was also able to easily answer the recall questions that were asked of her afterwards. She was able to add implicit content from the pictures to her answers. For example, the ant of the plant was outside, though that was never explicitly stated. This told us that she was at a level of comprehension that implied she was ready to be reading this story independently.
Assessment 2
For the second assessment, we chose a level 2 story. This story had more words on each page, but the picture on every page still matched up with the words. We used the same process for assessment as last time, so that Eloise would recognize the process and remain comfortable in the situation. As before, Eloise was excited to demonstrate her reading abilities to us, but she was disoriented because she had expected to be rereading the same story. However, once she began to read the new story, she realized that she was capable of reading this

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