Kindred, By Octavia Butler Essay

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In Octavia Butler’s novel Kindred, she creates a unique science fiction, first person slave narrative that illustrates the structures designed by white people to suppress black people in America. Just as other slave narratives, her novel helps bring remembrance to slavery and how it is still apparent in today’s society. Butlers makes it clear in her book that white people were able to gain their power by the establishment of a racial hierarchy and an additional marginalization of black women, which not only impaired those who were enslaved but is still affecting African Americans into the current age.
The novel commences with the main character Dana having her arm crushed inside the wall of her house, but she cannot explain to anyone how it happened. As the narrative progresses the reader is informed that Dana has the capability to time travel, but with one drawback, she is incapable of selecting the whereabouts of her journeys. Dana presently resides in 1970 California where she is married to a Caucasian man named Kevin. When Dana voyages back in time she is transported to 19th century Maryland, an awfully hostile area for a black woman. When in Maryland she finds herself on the plantation of Tom Weylin where she uncovers her purpose is to protect his son, Rufus Weylin, whenever he is in danger. Dana eventually realizes that Rufus is, in fact, her ancestor and she must ensure not only that he lives, but also that he has sex with one of his slaves, Alice, for Dana to exist.

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