King Heracles Research Paper

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Many people would not believe the amazing things that heracles had accomplished to rid of his guilt and sins. In fact, Heracles started the very first olympic track events that were used in the early Olympics along with the rules and regulations (Goldman n.p.). Although Heracles never gained full tranquility from his labors, he still completed many amazing things that no other being was capable of. The fates ruled that Heracles’ life would be full of suffering, but he would be remembered forever (Lottridge 87). This would turn out to be extremely true.
Before a life changing event occurred, Heracles life a normal life. According to “Mythic Voices”, Heracles was the son to the all mighty Zeus, King of the Gods, and his mother was a plain mortal …show more content…

According to “Mythic Voices”, Heracles was sent to Nemea to kill and bring the coat of the great lion back to Mycenae. He began stalking the lion and found out that his arrows and clubs were useless against the lion’s extremely tough skin. He followed the lion to its cave which had two entrances and he blocked one of the entrances. When the lion came out, he grabbed it by the neck, making sure to avoid its powerful claws, and choked it to death. He took the lion back to Mycenae, and Eurystheus was so surprised by the impossible task, that he told Heracles to never pass through the gates of the city because he feared for the safety of his people. In order to communicate with Heracles, he made a bronze jar and buried it where only Heracles could find it. After Eurystheus was satisfied, Heracles skinned the lion and wore the tough skin as a cloak. Eurystheus commanded Heracles to start his next labor, to kill the hydra of Lernean. The killing of the Hydra was a difficult task because it was poisonous beyond healing. The Hydra lived in a lake and Heracles found that the only way to get it out was to start the surrounding trees on fire. The hydra had nine heads and was extremely close to killing Heracles. The hydra lifted Heracles up and all Heracles saw was his children’s faces in place of the hydra’s heads which caused difficulty fighting the monster. He cut off one of the Hydra’s heads, but two grew back in its place. He then learned that he must burn the fresh cut of where the he cut off the Hydra’s heads and after a while the only head that remained was the one that held the brain. Once he cut off the final hydra head, he buried it under a stone and dipped a few of his arrows into the hydra blood so they would be poisonous and then sunk the corpse in the swamp of slime. He took one of the heads with him as proof for his accomplishment (Lottridge

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