King Lear Character Analysis

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In Shake spears King Lear, a tragedy between parents and children is evident. When the play opens, Lear comes up with a test of love to justify giving Cordelia a large share of his kingdom. Morally, the kingdom should be divided equally. Driven by his love for Cordelia, he decides to give her largest share of his wealth. His two daughters Goneril and Regan deceive him by using sappy and excessive declarations of their love for their father. Cordelia sincere and truthful cannot engage in such a competition. She simply declares that she loves his father simply as a daughter should love her father. Although truthful, her response angers the king who ends up disinheriting her completely. A close friend of the king the Earl of Kent tries to talk on behalf of Cordelia, but the king is so furious that he banishes him. Cordelia is later married by the king of France who admires her honesty. She leaves for France and leave the king with his two cunning daughters. Although banished, Kent knows the evil nature of the two daughters and remains in order to protect the king from his two evil children. Through disguise he can take a job as King Lear's servant. The true nature of Regan and Goneril are revealed once they realize that they are now in possession of all the king's wealth. The king, a fool, and some knights in charge of the king's security soon leave to live with Goneril. When Goneril reveals how he intends to treat his father, the

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