King Lear Feminist Analysis

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When interpreted from a feministic perspective, it is apparent that the story of King Lear and The Winter’s Tale contains misogynistic implications. While the three sisters in King Lear were fallen victims to the misogynistic societal needs, Hermoine in The Winter’s Tale also suffered from temptress accusations. The ingratitude that the women endured from male authorities who viewed women stereotypically, claims how both plays challenged gender roles and suggested that women were wicked, sexually deviant, and the cause of all issues. Moreover, women who lived during the Shakespearean period like the female protagonist in these plays, lived in misogynistic society’s due to the lack of equality that was implemented during this time period. In the Shakespearean play, King Lear, the feministic attributes were tested when Lear asked his three daughters, “which of you shall we say doth with merit challenge” (1.1.49-51) which legitimized a man’s authority over women by using a women’s emotions to boost a man’s ego. If Lear had three sons rather than three daughters, receiving affection to get the “largest bounty” (1.1.50) would not have occurred but because women were portrayed as emotional, Lear quantifying the love that each daughter had for him was appropriate. This demonstrates the first misogynistic approach towards women in King Lear. When each daughter displayed their affection towards their father, Lear’s most faithful daughter, Cordelia elaborated that there was no way
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