Kite Runner Excerpt

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“I don’t know,” Wali muttered. “Suit yourself,” Assef said. He turned to Kamal. “What about you?” “I...well…” “It’s just a Hazara,” Assef said. But Kamal kept looking away. “Fine,” Assef snapped. “All I want you weaklings to do is hold him down. Can you manage that?” I snapped. I looked over and saw a broken board lying in the trash pile, I dove for it. Before I even knew what I was doing, I charged straight for Assef. I didn’t know what I was thinking. My heart was pounding and my face was sweating. This isn’t me, what was I doing? I paused. Baba was right. I’m not a man, i’m a coward. Maybe if I would’ve went through with the attack, things would’ve turned out differently. Maybe if I wouldn’t have stopped, mid-battle, just maybe I could’ve …show more content…

He grabbed me by my shirt collar. “You should not have done that.” I was terrified. I thought of Baba, of Hassan and how he left me. How could he? I saved him and he ran. My best friend. My first memory. “I would stomp you into the ground until I couldn’t recognize you as a person, but lucky for you I have other, stronger feelings of sorts,” Assef spat. He was grinning now. “I would’ve ripped up that pretty kite of yours if that Hazara didn’t run off with it. Hold him down.” Wali and Kamal came on either side of me and held my arms down. I struggled but it was no use. There were 3 of them and only one of me. Assef basically tore off my pants and underwear. I knew what was gonna happen. I felt his cold hands grab my hips and lift me up. Then all I could hear was myself scream then silence. I didn’t know how long it lasted. It felt like hours, days and all I could think about was how Hassan had left me. Would it have been better if I let him take the punishment instead of me? I would’ve gotten the kite, but now how do I not know if he’s showing it Baba right now? Instead of me? I waited 15 minutes after they left before I even dared to stand. When I got up I turned around and saw Hassan, standing there with my

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