Klinefelter Syndrome Research Paper

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Klinefelter syndrome (also called XXY syndrome), was found in 1942 by Dr. Harry Klinefelter and is one of the most common chromosomal disorders affecting males. An extra X chromosome is found in the cells of these affected males, meaning they have two X chromosomes instead of just one, the genotype for this disorder is XXY, a normal genotype for a male is just XY. Some affected boys will have more features of the disorder than others, some who have the syndrome could have more symptoms than others who have it. In some cases, Klinefelter syndrome is not found until a boy gets to puberty, and sometimes, men may never be diagnosed with the condition. The most common symptom of this genetic disorder is infertility. Infertility means that you are …show more content…

They also do not handle stressful situations as good as other people. As a result, they often do not feel comfortable in social situations. Some people with Klinefelter syndrome can also have anxiety, nervousness, but also depression and low self esteem.
Only a little bit of males with klinefelter syndrome have been diagnosed before birth. This might be shown after a pregnant woman has a procedure to examine cells from the fetus taken from the placenta for any other reason, maybe if they are older than age 35 or if they have a family history of genetic conditions. If Klinefelter syndrome is not diagnosed early on, a patient with this syndrome may have some of the effects and would want to go to the doctor to see what is wrong. The doctor then may perform a karyotype analysis, the XCAT-KS buccal swab test, and microarrays on the patient, these are all are options for postnatal testing for a diagnosis. Physical therapy is usually recommended for boys with klinefelter syndrome or delayed motor skills that could possibly affect muscle tone, muscle balance, and all types of coordination. Therapy for this is advised in boys with these problems. But some people that have this disorder are good with visual memory and computers, sometimes creative or artistic, excel at hands on tasks, and are better with one to one friendships and one to one

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