Knock Scholarship Essay

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“Knock Knock Knock,” goes the sound as my grandmother walks through the front door. My eyes are drawn to the bags in her hands as she begins spreading out their contents on the table. Scattering through paintbrushes, feathers, and massive amounts of acrylic paints I become more and more excited by my new treasures.

It has been my grandmother who always understood that art was a safe place and an outlet for my self-expression. She’s also an artist, which has allowed us to bond and communicate in a way that no one else can fully understand. Her parting advice was always to “reach beyond the art.” Those four simple words have inspired my artistry from creating crazy-glue pasta in pre-school to combining acrylic, oil, and ink as my renderings became more sophisticated.
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Ironically it was those same four words that gave me the courage and confidence to step outside of my comfort zone, to look beneath the surface, and to stop worrying about “fitting in.” Feeling inspired, I began to view each new experience as a blank canvas with limitless possibilities. In high school, I immediately got involved in Student Government and was elected by my classmates to be part of Grade Level Council (GLC). There were meetings to attend and events to be organized, but to me, it was an opportunity to make my own mark and to bring our grade closer together. We did this by putting on an event called “Dancing with the Teachers” and all of our profits went to the family of a teacher who had passed away that
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