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Both “Knocking” by Rick Hautala and “The Road Virus Heads North” by Stephen King are masterfully crafted horror stories that lead readers on a psychological rollercoaster. The authors are able to generate such a detailed and in-depth atmosphere that it causes readers to picture themselves in the terrifying situations that they have devised for those reading. Through the evolution of “monsters”, point-of-view and atmospheric conditions which help to create a mood that engulfs readers both King and Hautala are able to write brilliant horror stories.
“Monsters” do not have to be literal to create an enjoyable piece of horror fiction. King and Hautala are both able to create thrilling stories by utilizing fear of the unknown and exploiting
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This is ineffective because he is paranoid about the painting and is completely consumed by the thought of it harming him. Paranoia is terrorizing Kinnell similarly to how fear devastated Gordon in “Knocking”.
King is able to turn a used concept into a phenomenal story by perfectly using the third person point-of-view in “The Road Virus Heads North”. Encounters throughout the story are much more interesting because King allows the reader into the other characters feelings. The third person point of view is best exemplified during Kinnell’s eventual demise. “The feet coming down the hall now, worn boot heels rapping on polished hardwood. “A terrible paralysis had gripped Kinnell.” While reading this I could almost hear the way the boots would sound and I began to become tense thinking about something coming. King used the third person point-of-view beautifully to transform an already done topic into an interesting piece of horror fiction.
Like “The Road Virus Heads North” Hautala uses the third person point-of-view which makes an already fantastic story even better. At different points throughout the story Hautala uses third person point-of-view to show you just how psychotic Martin Gordon is. “No!” he told himself. “Mother is dead!” Little quotes like this give readers a glimpse into the troubling life of Martin Gordon and effectively allow for you to connect
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