Knowledge, Attitudes And Cultural Competence Of Caring For Lgbt Community

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Knowledge, Attitudes and Cultural Competence in
Caring for LGBT Community
Submitted by: Bhakti Amin
ID Number: 4209426
Presented to: Professor Dustin Gibson
July 30, 2015
NURS1258 Professional Growth

Assumptions before I Watched Documentary
Before I watched the “Bridegroom” documentary released in 2013, my assumptions for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Questioning are sex orientation (LGBTQ) community were not clear how the world view them. I was thinking that even though many people have negative attitude in compare to positive attitude towards their LGBT status they are widely accepted among the people. I have never smelled difference to treat them as a different person. Although there are many negative consequences that arise from LGBT portrayal in media, there are some positive consequences also.
I was assuming that by seeing LGBTs in the media can bring about more acceptances of these people. I was also assuming that people are viewing LGBT positively as I do. I see that it is their path and they chose to be in love with same sex. There is nothing wrong for me to have friends or relatives who are considered as a LGBT. My assumptions were LGBT community gets fair treatment. My assumptions were people believe in equality and humane dignity they respect their decisions and treat them fairly and government is supporting them as we do in Canada.
Assumptions about LGBT after I Watched Documentary
After I watched Bridegroom documentary,

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