A Girl Like Me : The Gwen Araujo Story

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LGBT culture is a community made up of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. This community shares a common interest in social movements. Many people today have been able to come out and be who they truly are because of the LGBT community. Roughly, 6.7 percent of the U.S. world population is said to be a member of the LGBT community. However, many negative stereotypes do not support this community. People are very biased towards the LGBT community and it is unfair. The LGBT culture has always been frowned upon by many people, however, most of those people are uneducated and do not understand what the LGBT culture truly is. The LGBT community deserves a chance to be who they truly are without being judged and looked down upon by…show more content…
The four men begin beating on Gwen and full of rage they beat her to death. Gwen Araujo was, in fact, a part of the LGBT culture and it is so awful that she was murdered in the way she was. It goes to show that some do not accept the people involved in the LGBT community. Gwen was only being who she truly was and did nothing wrong but was killed for it. This film is a prime example of what most transgender people suffer from on a daily basis. Not being accepted and judged by people can be hurtful. However, no one deserves to die because; they express themselves to be who they truly are. It is extremely sickening that Gwen Araujo never got the chance at life today because of a bunch of sick men. This film portrays a very important message that allows society to understand the events involved in the LGBT culture. The LGBT culture is expressed in the film "GBF." The acronym GBF stands for "Gay Best Friend." The film focuses on two male gay friends Tanner and Brett who are too scared to come out of the closet. They attend a high school where there are no homosexuals at all. Brett makes a plan to out himself based on an article in a magazine titled GBF but his plan does not work out the way he wants it too and he outs Tanner instead. Now, the popular girls who rule the school demand that Tanner be their new "GBF". Tanner is so confused and scared
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